A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game about a slime saving the village with his dashing abilities.

Made for the first gmtk 48 hour game jam.
Made by  Ian Lateur (art), Jef Cornelis (Programming,  Sound)

Tools used: Greenfoot, Bfxr, Piskel, GIMP

How does it fit Dual Purpose Design?

There is only one button : the mouse click. You click to dash, dash to kill enemies, kill enemies to get combo's, get combo's to activate abilities.

Future content:

Because we didn't have enough time we weren't able to implement a lot of things:

  • Animations for the enemies, including death animations
  • A real tutorial
  • More and more difficult enemies
  • A purpose for exploring (loot, a boss, a village)
  • An extra biome (the forest doesn't really fit, we should have go for a dungeon theme).
  • Thorough bug testing.

Install instructions

Run the  jar with java 8 or higher


Dasher 8 MB


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Love the combo system